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RAD is the industry leader in peripatetic music lessons. Providing professional music teachers to schools in Southwark, at zero cost to schools and education facilities; we've got it covered.

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There’s a reason why we’re an award-winning educational management company with full national coverage – it’s because we’ve created a model that works.

Drawing on 10 years' experience, we deliver next-level tuition from industry-leading professionals, and all at ZERO cost to schools and education facilities.

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RAD has provided over £190k worth of equipment, at ZERO cost to the school.



We love sharing our passion for music with the next generation of musicians.


Peripatetic Teachers

Our extensive network of professional peripatetic instrumental teachers ensures RAD can deliver.



With schools across the country, you know you're in safe hands.

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All instruments. Completely free.

We appreciate not all schools have musical instruments in their inventory - thats where we come in. We supply all your music equipment at no cost.

Whether it's guitar, drums, ukulele, piano, violin, vocals, saxophone, trumpet, bass guitar - you choose and we provide. It's that simple.

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We are experts in getting professional peripatetic music tuition set-up in schools. Our Music Hub takes care of all your admin needs, scheduling and tuition enquiries.



All you have to do is tell us you’re interested. Request a meeting with one of the RAD team here to get the ball rolling.



We’ll kick-start the enrolment process - you’ll receive ready-made, easy-to-use forms your students can use to sign-up for exactly the lesson they want. 



Once we’ve received all the relevant information from students, the RAD team will get to work organising teachers, timetables, and equipment.



Once everything is in place, there’s only one thing left to do...sit back and let the lessons begin.

We’ll take care of the rest.

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Whatever the skill level or budget, all children deserve access to professional peripatetic music tuition. Lessons are billed directly to either parents or the school. Whatever works for you.

Prices exclude VAT.

Little Legend

Great for a collaborative learning experience.

£5Group of 3 / 20 mins
Upcoming Star

Great for a personalised education.

£91-2-1 / 15 mins

Great for progress without missing too much curriculum time.

£121-2-1 / 20 mins
Touring Pro

Great for boosting students who have had tuition before.

£181-2-1 / 30 mins

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We know there’s a lot we have to offer. To help you get to grips with what it all means for you, we’ve answered some popular FAQs below.

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We make it effortless to get started with us. Simply book a meeting with one of the team.

Safety is paramount to us

Safety First

All RAD teachers are subject to a robust and thorough safeguarding process before they can officially be part of the RAD team. Our teachers are subject to enhanced DBS checks, and we make sure they receive industry-leading safeguarding training.

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The benefits of music tuition are proven. From boosting mental health and wellbeing to providing a powerful and supportive aid to all other aspects of learning and development. As far as we’re concerned, harnessing the power and creativity of music is an absolute must. For this generation, and the next.

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We are incredibly happy with the lessons provided by Totally RAD for our students. We feel that they complement our Music curriculum, and our extra-curricular activities too. The individual tutors are professional and approachable, and our students continue to say positive things about their lessons. Communication with Totally RAD is good, the online timetable is easy to use, and the sign-up system is so efficient – we don’t have to lift a finger! Very impressed with Totally RAD and pleased with our provision. Stay Awesome!

Beth ReederKineton High School

It's that simple

Hundreds of schools have already signed up. Join them.

Exploring our Peripatetic Music Lessons in London: What the RAD HUB Can Offer Your School

In-school Peripatetic music lessons have long been a way for students to gain valuable skills and knowledge in their musical studies, all whilst seamlessly fitting into the school day. Peripatetic music lessons in London have gained popularity as a unique and effective way for individuals of all ages to learn and master musical instruments. In the context of music education, peripatetic guitar, drum, piano, vocal, violin and ukulele lessons involve a mobile music teacher who travels to the student's location, in this case a school, offering personalised and professional tuition that blends perfectly with the academic schedule.

At RAD, we enable easy access to skilled, professional music tutors, delivering top quality in school music lessons. We’ve spent the last ten years ensuring that schools and students across London can access our award-winning guitar, piano, drum, violin, vocal lessons and even ukulele lessons.

Peripatetic guitar, drum, piano, vocal, violin and ukulele lessons in London represent a dynamic and convenient approach to music education. The personalised nature of these lessons, combined with the advantages of in-school instruction, has contributed to their popularity in a bustling city where time is often a precious commodity.

As technology continues to shape the landscape of music education, peripatetic lessons are likely to adapt and embrace innovative approaches, ensuring the continued growth and accessibility of music learning for individuals of all ages and skill levels in London and beyond.

The Rise of Peripatetic Music Lessons In Schools

Peripatetic music lessons have seen a significant rise in demand in schools across London, driven by various factors. The fast-paced lifestyle of the city often leaves individuals with limited time for extracurricular activities, making the convenience of in-school peripatetic music lessons particularly appealing. Moreover, the personalised nature of peripatetic lessons allows for a tailored approach to each student's learning style and preferences, fostering a more effective and enjoyable learning experience.

In London, learning instruments like the guitar, piano, vocals, and drums is not just about skill development. It’s also about cultural participation. London's music culture is enriched by these instruments, each contributing uniquely to the city's soundscape. The guitar and piano are often heard in London's concert halls, while vocals and drums resonate in its vibrant live music venues.

Since 2020, school music lessons have seen a drastic reduction, with music in school being taught increasingly infrequently. The National Plan for Music Education identified a stark reduction in the hours a week that music was taught in school, and some schools have reported a reduction of two-thirds with regard to their in-school music lessons.  

With 3250 schools In London, and 2116 of these being primary schools, there has never been higher demand, or need, for schools to utilise peripatetic music services to deliver their guitar, drum, piano, vocal, violin and ukulele lessons. Peripatetic lessons can serve to supplement the school music lessons and ensure that music education is meeting the required standard, for the benefits of students.

There are numerous success stories and exemplary case studies of peripatetic school music programs, and by extension peripatetic guitar, drum, piano, vocal, violin and ukulele lessons in London. One notable example is the program run by the London Music Masters, which has been instrumental in providing high-quality music education to diverse communities. Another example is the work of the Music House for Children, which has successfully integrated peripatetic teaching with early childhood music education. These case studies highlight the effectiveness of the peripatetic model in fostering musical talent and enthusiasm across various socio-economic and cultural groups in London.

Advantages of our in-school Peripatetic Music Lessons in London

In-school peripatetic guitar, drum, piano, vocal, violin and ukulele lessons saves time for both students and parents by eliminating the need to commute to a music school or studio – the lessons fit into the natural schedule of a school day, benefitting schools, students and parents. With life in the city being increasingly non-stop, this is essential for students looking to receive school music lessons in London. Whether it’s guitar lessons, piano lessons, drum lessons, violin lessons, vocal lessons and even ukulele lessons, through the RAD Hub, students get access to a diverse range of enriching school music lessons, without disrupting their learning environment.

The Hub of all things RAD:

Our professional peripatetic music teachers are the best of the best when it comes to ensuring the learning of students. They adapt their teaching methods to suit the individual needs, goals, and learning styles of each student, whether it be guitar lessons, piano lessons, vocal, ukulele or violin lessons. The RAD Hub – it’s the future of music!

Our one-on-one school music lessons ensure that each students individual needs are met, whilst our group music lessons provide a collaborative learning experience for students, accentuating the social aspects of learning and providing music lessons for any budget.

Comfortable Learning Environment:

There’s a reason why we run our peripatetic music lessons in school hours, and during the school day. Learning in the familiar surroundings of the school environment creates a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, reducing performance anxiety and promoting better focus.

With the reduction of curricular music lessons, the prevalence of local Hubs and music services has risen exponentially. Our peripatetic music lesson service gives students a chance to get professional music lessons in school, without the stresses of arranging these externally. We make sure that everything is sorted for schools, parents, and students, even providing all equipment free of charge. With our in school music service you can be certain that everyone will be receiving first rate peripatetic guitar, drum, piano, vocal, violin and ukulele lessons.

Flexible Scheduling:

We work around you – our peripatetic music lessons are scheduled around all parties, avoiding any conflicts with the academic schedule. We make it our job to accommodate the busy diaries of schools, students, and their families.

This also benefits all of the teachers working for the RAD Hub, with each one of our peripatetic music teachers being a professional working musician, we make sure that we take care of everything for them, leaving them free to do what they do best – deliver top quality peripatetic guitar, drum, piano, vocal, violin and ukulele lessons in your school.

Why London is the home of the UK music scene:

London has long been heralded as the home of the UK music scene, its venues are some of the best in the world, and the standard of musicianship has long been respected across the globe.

Next time you’re visiting, why not check out some of these famous venues and see what London has to offer the world of music:

Royal Albert Hall:

Location: Kensington Gore, SW7 2AP

Notable for classical music concerts, rock and pop performances, and cultural events.

Wembley Stadium:

Location: Wembley, HA9 0WS

A top-class stadium and major venue for large-scale concerts, proud to call London its home.

O2 Academy Brixton:

Location: Stockwell Road, SW9 9SL

A legendary venue known for its excellent acoustics, showcasing artists across all genres.

The Jazz Cafe:

Location: Parkway, Camden Town, NW1 7PG

A well-known venue for jazz, soul, and world music performances.

The 100 Club:

Location: Oxford Street, W1D 1LL

An iconic venue with a rich history, known for hosting diverse music acts, ranging from Jazz, to punk and alternative.

Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club:

Location: Frith Street, Soho, W1D 4HT

A legendary jazz club featuring world-class jazz performances.

What do we offer?

Our school music lessons cover a wide range of instruments with students being able to choose from guitar lessons, piano lessons, drum lessons, violin lessons, vocal lessons and even ukulele lessons. Students are thus allowed students to explore their musical interests across a wide range of in school music lessons. Some popular instruments for peripatetic music lessons in our London schools hub include:

Piano lessons:

You can’t beat a classic! From Beethoven to Adele, our school piano lessons ensure that students develop pitch, use of melody and technique, but without skimping on the fun. Our school piano lessons enhance cognitive skills and creativity, making it a fulfilling and intellectually stimulating musical pursuit for students of all ages.

Guitar lessons:

One of our most popular instruments – and you can see why! Guitar lessons have long been a mainstay of school music lessons, with London being home to some of the worlds pre-eminent players. Both acoustic and electric guitar lessons are widely sought after throughout London, with our teachers working as some of the best players in the city. Peripatetic teachers can guide students through the fundamentals of playing and help them develop a unique style.

Violin lessons:

The violin's classical and contemporary appeal makes it a popular choice for peripatetic lessons. Our Violin lessons focus on the importance of proper technique, intonation, and musical expression. As students progress, they delve into more intricate pieces, exploring various genres from classical to contemporary music. Violin lessons also emphasize reading sheet music and ear training – great for building patience.

Vocal lessons:

Catering to aspiring singers and those seeking to improve their vocal abilities, school vocal lessons focus on various techniques like breath control, pitch accuracy, vocal range expansion, and articulation. Students learn about different musical styles and the importance of emotional expression in singing. Vocal lessons not only enhance singing skills but also boost confidence and stage presence.

Drum Lessons:

Many peripatetic music hubs across London don’t offer in school drum lessons, but that’s where we’re different. With full drum kits provided free of charge, we give students an opportunity that most don’t for school music lessons.

Great for those with a passion for rhythm and tapping their feet, lessons focus on technique, timing, and musicality.

Ukulele Lessons:

Ukulele lessons have gained immense popularity for their simplicity and joyous nature, especially among beginners in the world of music, some are even saying that Ukulele lessons are the new recorder!  Originating from Hawaii, the ukulele is a small, four-stringed instrument known for its gentle, melodic sound. It’s small size makes it a favourite for the younger students just starting their school music lessons.

Ukulele lessons typically start with basic chords and strumming patterns, allowing students to quickly play simple songs, which is highly motivating for beginners. Engaging in ukulele lessons not only enhances musical skills but it’s also great for group lessons.

Lesson Fees:

The best thing about our London hub? No London prices. Peripatetic guitar, drum, piano, vocal, violin and ukulele lesson fees vary based on the instructor's qualifications, experience, and the instrument being taught, with hourly rates for music lessons in London typically ranging from £50 to £150. At RAD, we offer same standard of tuition in school for under £40 per hour.

There’s also no difference between instruments, so not only do students get to choose from drums, guitar, vocals, ukulele, piano and violin; you can be sure that you’re paying the same price for the same service no matter what you want to learn. Our music Hub aims to instil a lifelong love for music through our peripatetic guitar, drum, piano, vocal, violin, and ukulele lessons, bringing lasting skills to students across the whole of London.

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