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Nationwide professional music tuition.

Totally RAD provide expert music tuition from professional, skilled, and vetted musicians. So, whatever your music education needs, Totally RAD can deliver them.

We’re also the largest private music tuition provider in the UK. And – we’re award-winning.

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Our dream?

To transform music education across the UK and Ireland, and who knows, maybe even beyond. We’re already leading the way for expert, skilled music tuition music delivered in-school, face-to-face and online. But we’re still aiming higher.

Why? Because we believe that professional tuition, from the guitar to piano, drums, vocal, bass guitar and ukulele, should be accessible to everyone.

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You're Awesome. We're RAD.

As musicians, we know what it’s like to face obstacles when trying to develop your skills and pursue your dreams. We also know first-hand how location, environment and learning difficulties can be roadblocks for students wanting to learn. For Totally RAD, this isn’t a world we want to make music in. And it’s this that drives us to offer a premium, best-in-class service, at a highly competitive price.

Plus, when it comes to education, we take our job very seriously. From ensuring we have the very best talent on our books to providing a full, end-to-end service for schools that removes the stress and complexity out of expert, professional tuition. We even make things easy for our teachers, taking care of all admin and payment processes – making sure everyone has the time, support, and equipment to do what they do best, make music.

The benefits of music tuition are proven. From boosting mental health and wellbeing to providing a powerful and supportive aid to all other aspects of learning and development. Not only that, but we believe every student has the right to access the opportunity that learning an instrument can offer. As far as we’re concerned, harnessing the power and creativity of music is an absolute must. For this generation, and the next.

You could say, that’s Totally RAD, right?

Award-winning music service

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